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Current projects


Here you can find ongoing language advocacy and awareness actions and initiatives organized by the Coalition and its member organizations, and ways to contribute to this work; as well as efforts from other people and organizations which are aligned with the Coalition's mission.


We are very much interested in sharing your work around:

  • Documenting and digitally preserving languages.

  • Developing teaching material to encourage new speakers to learn languages, especially Indigenous and endangered languages.

  • Translating important, critical information for linguistically and digitally marginalized groups.

  • Creating virtual communities of speakers by using online platforms to connect, promote and mobilize communities around linguistic and digital rights.

To share your work on this page or on the GCLR newsletter, or propose a collaboration on language advocacy efforts and initiatives:

If you are a localization or internationalization expert, language translation professional, font designer or marketing expert; you can be a part of the effort to digitalize and preserve Indigenous languages.

the Language Digitization Initiative

Are you a translator or proofreader? Would you like to volunteer your skills as a project manager, graphic or web page designer, or fundraiser?

Translators Without Borders

Are you a translator or filmmaker? Do you have experience in education, fund-raising, grant writing, social media managing, web development, or video production/editing?

the Global Lives Project

If you are a language advocate or enthusiast, if you are working in an agency serving a population with language barriers, if you are a policymaker, student or language professional, you can be a champion of change!

Join the LACC's Free Language Advocacy Training course

Are you interested in making privacy and Internet Freedom tools available for your community?

Do you speak English and another language fluently?

a LocALIZATION Lab contributor

Would you like to support MCIS' work as a board member or as part of an advisory committee, or contribute your administrative and research skills?

Learn more about volunteering with MCIS

Are you passionate about languages and interested in various cultures?

Translation Commons is building a team of volunteers with a wide variety of roles.

Join Translation Commons
as a volunteer

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