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We work at the intersection of

languages, digital and human rights.

Building on the remarkable successes of #GLAD22 and #GLAD23, #GLAD24 will continue the Global Coalition for Language Rights’ vital mission of advocating for language rights and linguistic justice around the world.

Your participation is crucial in spreading the message of language rights. You can join #GLAD24 by organizing a live event, such as a workshop, seminar, webinar, panel discussion, blog post, podcast episode, or live talks, during the event period (February 19 - March 1, 2024).


Register your #GLAD24 initiative here.

Global Language Advocacy Days - No justice Without Language Rights

The goals of our Coalition are:

  • To support global efforts towards increasing access to critical information/services

  • To support equal digital representation beyond language barriers

  • To create proactive responses to social, educational, economic and environmental challenges that include not only speakers of mainstream languages, but also Indigenous languages and underrepresented languages.

In other words, our aim is to engage in a global conversation that will allow us to be more effective locally.

Our mandate is:

  • To support efforts toward ensuring language rights for all people.

  • To provide a forum where organizations can offer each other support in meeting daily challenges.

  • To gain increased visibility for our work.

  • To keep members informed about one another’s work.

  • To provide opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing, including developing resources (e.g. creative commons localization and advocacy resources).

  • Support one another’s advocacy efforts and create opportunities for joint advocacy and offer opportunities for networking.

Our current members are:

No Justice Without Language Rights

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