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Launching our Spanish Language Pilot Initiative

This month marks an important moment for the Global Coalition for Language Rights: the beginning of our first in-language initiative to study language rights and disseminate information about them.

In our mission to spread awareness about language rights globally, a group of over 30 Spanish-speaking participants, guided by Irene Gotera, founder of Linguistic Justice, will begin uncovering cognition and creativity from a diverse array of Spanish-speaking academic authors. One article from an English-speaking author will also be presented through a translated version.

Joined in solidarity, the group will also examine international law instruments in an effort to understand the context in which linguistic human rights are either supported or not supported by global soft laws. Additionally, the context in which language rights are upheld or not under Civil Rights laws in the US will be explored.

Upon reflecting on the materials reviewed through collective learning experiences, the group will co-create educational content in Spanish and other minoritized languages represented in the group. We are aiming to disseminate the language rights content created through our social media channels.

Participants will engage in non-traditional learning methods inspired by Irene’s legal background, as well as her integration of restorative practice processes for developing social capital through learning.

Our hope is that the educational content will be presented during Global Language Advocacy Day in February 2024 (#GLAD24), and that this pilot initiative can serve as a model for future in-language focus groups to raise awareness about language rights.

For more information about the group's program, you can find the details here, along with all the relevant linked resources.

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