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Announcing Global Language Advocacy Day 2024

Updated: Feb 19

Theme: No Justice Without Language Rights

Dates: February 19 - March 1, 2024

Welcome to Global Language Advocacy Day 2024 (#GLAD24)! Building on the remarkable successes of #GLAD22 and #GLAD23, #GLAD24 will continue the Global Coalition for Language Rights’ vital mission of advocating for language rights and linguistic justice around the world.

GLAD24 will be a global event, uniting language rights advocates, activists, and organizations in a coordinated effort to raise awareness and ignite meaningful conversations about the crucial importance of language rights. Our theme for this year is No Justice Without Language Rights, emphasizing the profound impact language rights have on our lives and communities.

Language rights are at the heart of a just and equitable society. They empower individuals and communities, preserve cultural heritage, and promote inclusivity. In a world where language is a fundamental part of our identity, denying language rights can have serious consequences. Our core message remains unchanged: Language Rights For All People!

Get Involved: Your participation is crucial in spreading the message of language rights. You can join GLAD24 by organizing a live event, such as a workshop, seminar, panel discussion, blogpost, podcast episode, or live talks, during the event period (February 19 - March 1, 2024).

Register your #GLAD24 initiative here.

Scheduled Events and Activities: Stay tuned for a list of scheduled events and activities, which will be updated regularly on our website starting from the week of January 22.

Spread the Word: Let's make #GLAD24 a global success! Share your support on social media using the hashtag #GLAD24 and join the conversation about language rights. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay connected and informed. You can also contact us by email at:

We look forward to your active participation in Global Language Advocacy Day 2024. Let’s share our message that there is No Justice Without Language Rights, and work together for a world where everyone’s language rights are respected!

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