#GLAD22 Australia & Pacific

Countries: Australia

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Organized by:

Naomi Fillmore, PhD Student at

University of Queensland

Event description:

Naomi, a language and education specialist and a PhD student and Research Assistant at the University of Queensland, is marking the confluence of International Mother Language Day on February 21, and Global Language Advocacy Day on February 22, with a written contribution to the GCLR blog discussing the right to linguistically inclusive education, why it matters and what can be done to uphold it. Check out the blog on #GLAD22.

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Organized by:

Senior Research Fellow Gerald Roche, Politics, Media & Philosophy

La Trobe University

Event description:

Asia is a linguistically diverse region, but this diversity is currently under threat. After centuries of colonisation and decades of rapid development, communities throughout Asia are facing distinct and urgent challenges to defend their rights to language in the face of discimination, exclusion, and violence.

How are Indigenous people and languages across Asia responding to this situation? Who decides which languages deserve attention and resources? How can awareness of Indigenous languages be raised and new political agendas promoted?


As the world enters what UNESCO has delcared as the Decade of Indigenous Languages, this webinar will explore these issues with several researchers from Asia - people who speak, advocate for, or research some of the region's many Indigenous langauges.


Register for the webinar to join Assistant Professor Prem Phyak from The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Associate Professor Madoka Hammine from Meio University; Associate Professor Tuting Hernandez from the University of the Philippines and Senior Research Fellow Gerald Roche from La Trobe University on, February 22, 12:30 AEDT.

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